Want to be a WZLY DJ?

It's super simple (really).

  1. Intern with a licensed WZLY DJ for at least eight hours. You will be assigned to a DJ’s show and most shows run for two hours once a week.
  2. Engineer your DJ’s show for one hour and tape it. On your eighth hour of interning or whenever you feel comfortable thereafter, you will execute your DJ’s show for one hour.
  3. Take and pass the DJ test. There are two components to the test: a short-answer written component and a practical component. All the information you need to know to pass the written test can be found in the intern packet.
  4. Special Intern Task. To be determined by the Record Librarian in accordance with the needs of the station. It usually involves shelving 30 CDs/records or reviewing a few CDs for the Music Directors.
  5. Join a committee. All interns and WZLY members are required to join a committee. There are many different committees to join; some require less time commitment than others so you can pick the committee that is right for you.

Download the intern packet here for a more in-depth explanation of the station and your role as an intern.

NOTE: All interning requirements must be completed by the last day of broadcasting for the semester (generally the last day of classes). Don't procrastinate! If you do not finish all these interning requirements by the last day of broadcast, you will have to start over next semester.

Why should you become a DJ for WZLY?

WZLY is home to the coolest kids on campus. Everyone knows it. -Ashley Porras

On Wednesdays we wear pink. -Gabriela Lanza

You finally get to say "I told you so" to anyone who has ever questioned your musical taste.
-Esther Gonzalez